Welcome to Cashzone.

We are part of Cardtronics the largest ATM deployer in the world. Cashzone is our ATM brand and is a leading independent ATM provider in the UK. Since 1999, we've been trusted to provide reliable ATM solutions to the nation's retailers, banks, service stations, food and beverage outlets and many other locations.
Partner with Cashzone, and you'll provide your customers with convenient and secure access to their cash. It's a service that's consistently and highly valued by millions of UK cardholders. Watch our video, 'The Value of Cash' to understand the benefits that an ATM can have on your stores, your customers' loyalty, your footfall and your service offering.
What's in it for you? Because we're passionate about delivering exceptional customer service, we'll tailor a Cashzone solution that gives you maximum benefit, including higher footfall, a stable new revenue stream, increased customer loyalty and a competitive advantage... and that's just for starters.
We fit, we fill and we fix cash machines to enable your business to offer financial convenience to consumers in a fast-paced world.
We are the only UK company to provide a true, in-house, 360° service, we strive to do everything we can to keep the money moving.

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Our Brands

You may know us as Cashzone, Bank Machine or even Cardpoint, Omnicash or Travelex? Indeed many of our ATMs still carry these brands; all are part of our rich history in the ATM marketplace.

Today, all of our own-brand cash machines are installed with Cashzone branding. Cashzone is our ATM brand and we're trusted by thousands of customers to deliver a reliable cash machine solution.

Who are we? We are Cashzone. The cash machine people.