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Convenient Cash Access for Consumers

Cashzone ATMs provide convenient cash access for consumers up and down the country. You can find our ATMs in convenience stores, on petrol forecourts and motorway service areas, train stations, food and drink outlets, shopping centres, cinemas, sporting clubs and leisure outlets. You may also know us as Bank Machine, Cardpoint or DC Payments, and our machines can also be found carrying some of the country’s best loved retailer brands such as The Co-op. Our ATMs have been a common sight in the UK since 1999 and continue to play a vital role in the health of the high street.

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Champions of Cash

Cash is a vital part of our economy and at Cashzone, we are Champions of Cash… because it matters. Our purpose-driven mission is to ensure cash remains accessible and viable in urban and rural communities. Our ATMs are more broadly spread than any other cash machine operator in the UK, and we aim to ensure that cash is securely available for local people where they need it. We do everything we can to keep money moving in this fast paced environment.

Why Cashzone? 

A Cashzone ATM is one that you can trust to provide you with convenient and secure access to your cash throughout the UK. Our proprietary ATM software and solutions make our ATMs more engaging whilst delivering exceptional service. It's a service that's consistently and highly valued by millions of UK cardholders.

Our product and innovation team develop more services to run at our cash machines, including balance enquiries, and cardless cash transactions. Our ATMs deliver innovative solutions too, including deposit taking machines, and links to FinTech solutions such as Pin4. Our goal is to deliver a best–in-class experience for our customers and we have a team of highly-trained customer care executives, engineers and cash in transit officers all dedicated to the provision of cash to our communities.

We are the leading and most experienced cash machine operator in the UK, our goal is to deliver reliable and secure access to cash for our consumers in urban and rural communities.

The  NCR Atleos Connection

NCR Atleos is the world’s largest ATM technology services supplier and retail ATM deployer. We provide convenient access to cash and financial services where they are needed most. NCR Atleos ATMs are in operation across the globe with retailers and financial institutions from the smallest to the largest. We have relationships with thousands of financial institutions, running their ATM estates to transform the way they bring financial services to their customers and connecting those customers to their accounts across our own extensive ATM network.

We are the global leader and no-one operates more ATMs in more locations than we do. Our company is dedicated to delivering the best possible service at our ATMs for the benefit of our customers. Our processing network and operational expertise allow us to provide a best-in-class customer experience globally and deliver world leading solutions.

Learn more about the full suite of services available from NCR Atleos here.

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