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Pin4 Cash

Pin4 Cash is an innovative solution that enables businesses, charities and government agencies to deliver cash to recipients’ mobile devices for immediate collection at a participating ATM.

The recipient is sent a text message with the details to be input at any Cardtronics Pin4 enabled ATM to obtain the cash. The recipient doesn’t need a card or bank account, just a basic mobile phone and access to a Cardtronics Pin4 enabled ATM.

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Secure ATM Initiative.
Raid it. Regret it.

We are proud of our world-class security processes. Every year, we securely and successfully manage 2.6 billion transactions through more than 285,000 cash machines globally.

Cashzone’s Secure ATM initiative is the largest single investment in ATM security in the UK.

All our cash machines are protected by the ‘Secure ATM’ programme. They are the most secure ATMs in the country because they are protected by the latest technology designed to deter would-be criminals, prevent successful ATM attacks, track down ATM criminals and provide the highest conviction rate for anyone attempting ATM crime. Since 2018, Secure ATM has had unprecedented success in helping the police catch ATM criminals and send them to jail for a long time.

If you would like to read more about the impact of ATM crime on communities, please visit the Secure ATM website.

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