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Cardless Cash Solution

Pin4 Cash is an innovative solution that enables businesses, charities and government agencies to deliver cash to recipients’ mobile devices for immediate collection at a participating ATM.

The recipient is sent a text message with the details to be input at any Cardtronics Pin4 enabled ATM to obtain the cash. The recipient doesn’t need a card or bank account, just a basic mobile phone and access to a Cardtronics Pin4 enabled ATM.

Consumer Insight Award Winner
Consumer Insight Award Winner

How Does It Work 

  • The Sender places a send order for the intended recipient.
  • A text message is sent to the recipient’s mobile phone with details of the transaction.
  • The recipient takes the information to the nearest Cardtronics ATM.
  • The recipient then inputs the details from the text message and a secret PIN provided by the sender.
  • The ATM dispenses the cash for the recipient.

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Benefits For Senders

Cardtronics has partnered with Pin4 to enable sending entities, whether businesses, charities or government agencies to deliver cash safely and securely to their customers/members/beneficiaries. This pay-as-you-go service means that you only pay for the transactions you need.

For companies

  • Provide cash incentives or prizes for customer competitions
  • Give your remote workers access to cash for daily expenses
  • Get emergency cash to the people who need it

For Financial Institutions and credit unions

  • Provide emergency cash access for customers who have lost their debit card
  • Provide a simple way for your customer to access their cash via the Cardtronics network of ATMs without having to issue a debit card

For charities and government bodies

  • Provide emergency cash for people in need
  • Issue cash without requiring recipients to visit your offices

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